Lisa Mattson Photo Pigs IMG_8685

I’ll get dirty for the best photography angle. Just ask that mangalitsa pig.

I’m also married to a very talented photographer. Following him and his camera around the world has allowed me to glean some skills. During my magazine editing days, I often handled the photo editor duties, which helped hone my eye for composition. Photo workshops and shadowing the talented Matt Armendariz and Lara Ferroni have also improved my craft as a wine, food, cocktail and travel photographer. I still consider myself a student of photography, even after six years of taking photos for Jordan Winery. Honing skills in food styling and studio lighting are my latest projects.

I share photo/video responsibilities with my digital media specialist at Jordan. The best way to see my latest images is on my personal Instagram, most of which I shoot with an iPhone 6. At work, I use a Canon 5D Mark III.

Here are some of my favorite photographs.

Wine & Vineyards




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