Bring Your Brand To Life Through Creative Marketing and Enchanting Experiences.

It is a thrilling (and perplexing) time to be in the wine business. We’re marketing our products to the largest population in modern history: three different demographics, each with different values, desires and ways they discover new products. There are more wineries, distilleries and alt beverages vying for the attention (and loyalty) of these consumers both online and in real life. Alcohol abstinence is also gaining fashion.

Brand positioning, creative marketing and guest experience design are more important than ever before.

That’s where I come in as a creative marketing and hospitality experience consultant.

Today, consumers expect brand content and experiences that are personalized, immersive and more authentic than ever before. The guest experience starts with your website (some would argue Google search) and your digital footprint across a multitude of platforms, and it carries through to the tasting room.

My creative marketing services focus on areas that leverage my skills and the realities of this new era of wine marketing—though what’s most important to me is working with wineries that share values vital to today’s consumer—quality, authenticity, sustainability and social responsibility.

Creative Services I Specialize In


Brand Strategy

Holistic approach to positioning, core values and strategic planning across all business functions to retain and attract the target customer.


Content Marketing

Creation and sharing of videos, blogs, graphics, newsletters and social media to stimulate interest in brands and products.



Strategy and copywriting for website, email blasts, newsletters, blogs, public relations, crisis communications, advertising, social media and other collateral.


Visitor Experience

Evaluating and developing enchanting guest experiences that are brand-appropriate and attract and delight the customer.


Hospitality Design

Helping manage major remodel projects and designing and sourcing furniture, décor and other essential objects for tasting rooms.


Stylist & Decorator

Sourcing hospitality supplies and decorating interior and exterior tasting spaces with attention to detail and brand consistency.


Special Event Concepts

Conceiving creative ideas for special event themes and formats that entice and enchant customers, as well as generate publicity.


Creative Marketing Solutions

Generating ideas and finding creative ways to solve problems in all aspects of winery marketing, public relations and hospitality.

Not Sure Which Creative Marketing & Design Services You Need? Hire Me as a Strategic Consultant for a Day.

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