Because I’ve worked in the wine business for nearly 25 years, I’m humbled to be considered an expert in many aspects of wine marketing, branding, content creation, special events, public relations and visitor experience development. The majority of my experience is with luxury brands, though what’s most important to me is working with wineries that share values vital to today’s consumer—sustainability, authenticity and social responsibility.

I’ve decided to focus my creative consultant business services for wineries in a few areas that I’m very passionate about rather than kitchen-sink my way through this new venture—even though I could because wearing a dozen hats has been my raison d’etre for far too long. If you’re here looking for day-to-day winery social media or public relations management services, so sorry! I decided to step off that hamster wheel a few years ago.

COMING SOON – Full list of winery consulting services.

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