D Magazine Q&A with Wine Maven Lisa Mattson

Here’s a fun Q&A that offers some insight into my journey from the cornfields of Kansas to the vineyards of California. This interview coincided with a wine tasting event to promote the first edition of my book, back in its The Exes in My iPod days.

“From drinking Boone’s Farm to sipping a glass of rosé in the heart of Sonoma County wine country, Lisa Mattson has seen — and drank — a bottle or two of everything in the wine industry. Born in southeast Kansas, she ventured to Florida to break out from small town life, to that of sunshine and ocean waves. Fast forward forty-three states, twenty countries, countless road bumps and a handful of dating disasters, Mattson now serves as Director of Marketing and Communication forJordan Vineyard & Winery. Prior to her career in wine marketing and public relations, Mattson was a news editor at Wine News magazine, and after that, she took a stab at winery event planning in California.

So, how could a girl who “thought Chardonnay was just a stripper name, and a corkscrew was our county fair roller coaster” transition to the wine maven she is today?”

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