I’m Lisa Mattson.

I Help Wineries Build Brands Through Creative Content & Enchanting Visitor Experiences.

After 25 years of building brands, designing events, curating tasting spaces, creating award-winning visual storytelling content for top wineries, I launched my wine marketing and winery communications consulting business in 2023.

I specialize in brand strategy, creating authentic and enchanting visitor experiences, designing outdoor and indoor tasting spaces and gardens, as well as developing communication tools and creative marketing ideas that resonate with today’s wine consumer. I’m a serial idea generator. Creativity is my currency. If you want to re-energize an existing brand or launch a new winery with a marketing strategy that breaks through the noise, let’s talk. 

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I’m a serial creative who lives to generate ideas for brands— and I am thrilled to bring such a diverse set of skills to my clients.

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Brand Strategy

Holistic approach to positioning, core values and strategic planning across all business functions to retain and attract the target customer.


Content Marketing

Creation and sharing of creative videos, blogs, graphics, newsletters and social media to stimulate interest in brands and products.



Strategy and writing for website, email blasts, newsletters, blogs, public relations, crisis communications, advertising, social media and more.


Visitor Experience

Evaluating and developing enchanting guest experiences that are brand-appropriate and attract and delight the target customer.


Hospitality & Tasting Room Design

Helping manage major remodel projects and designing and sourcing furniture, décor and other essential objects for tasting rooms and guest accommodations.


Winery Stylist & Decorator

Sourcing hospitality supplies and decorating interior and exterior tasting spaces with attention to detail and brand consistency.


Special Event Concepts

Conceiving creative ideas for special event themes and formats that entice and enchant customers, as well as generate social sharing and publicity.


Creativity & Problem Solving

Generating ideas and finding creative ways to solve problems in all aspects of winery marketing, public relations and hospitality.

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