Lisa Mattson wine consultant portrait

Hi. I’m Lisa–the small-town girl who was supposed to grow up and acquire a taste for Coors Light and guys named Bubba.

Twenty-plus years later, I’m living my dreams in Sonoma wine country. I spend my days working as creative director Jordan Vineyard & Winery–and my nights and weekends drinking up life with my soulmate. If you want to see me talk about myself in third person (ugh!), check out my biography.

My journey wasn’t without heartaches and headaches, searching for true love and my calling in life during my twenties. But, it made for some juicy material for my memoir, The Exes in My Glass.

From 2017 to 2021, I spent most of my free time recovering from the Tubbs Fire that raged through wine country. During the rebuild process, which drug on well into the pandemic, my creative marketing skills were shelved to make room for landscape design, hospitality design and interior design–both residential and commercial. This newfound passion propelled me to transition into starting a wine consulting business in 2023.

Proceeds from book sales continue to be donated to Sonoma Family Meal, created to help families in need of nourishment after the devastating wildfires and other times of crisis.

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